Sunny day

As I woke up this morning, I noticed through my mosquito bed net that the sun was coming up and it was a beautiful sight out of my window and it did not feel as hot as these recent days. I did my daily meditation, took a shower and got dressed. Then I went out and felt again that the weather was quite comfortable and not as humid as it usually is. As I drove in my rickshaw to the office the breeze from the ride felt nice. On my way I passed many beautiful smiles. Some people were brushing their teethes in the street, others were opening up their little shops and many kids were on their way to school.

When I arrive at the office I go first to the cafeteria where I get my breakfast. What a relieve I feel when I see that I am not getting rice this morning. Three meals of rice per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is more than enough rice for one day. No, this morning I get freshly baked dry tandoori naan bread with a spicy momelette (omelette with onion and chilly). It tasted very good. After my breakfast I have tea with my colleagues and we discuss today’s work schedule. The tea is extremely sweet, just the way my Bangladeshi friends like it. I am not a big fan of sugared tea, however I am learning to appreciate this daily ritual.

Today’s agenda is all about preparing the International Rural Women’s day, which is the coming Monday, 15 October and a lot of preparation is needed to be done. There will be a big gathering in one of the villages here close by. All the women from the villages in the district are encouraged to come and join. This is their day and this day they should feel happy and free. The women will be encouraged to speak up and let their voices be heard. There will be speeches, some musical events and then a chain will be formulated as all the women will hold hands to create a symbol of how they should stand together and support each other. Libon, my colleague, suggested that after work we go together to the market so that I can buy a sari, a traditional Bangladeshi dress, to wear on the International Rural Women’s day. She says, “For this occasion you really should wear a sari”. And so I will.

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  1. Berglind

    Hljómar sem yndislegur dagur. Gaman að lesa upplifun þína elsku Lóa mín í svona fallegum texta.


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