Meeting with Netrakona

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Netrakona is in the northern part of Bangladesh, close to the Himalayan border.

Here you share the road with pedestrians, rickshaws, cows and chickens. Here you can find beautiful nature and tall green trees, far from the noisy Dhaka. However, in Netrakona there is even more poverty than in Dhaka and very little development has taken place in the district for the last years. People’s living standards are very primitive. Many men do not have fixed jobs but go out every morning hoping they will be picked out for some sort of work, for instance construction work. In the morning they do not know if they will earn any money at all. In most of the cases, they are the main breadwinners of the household. People are eager to continue to fight for their lives and work very hard to possibly and hopefully make their children’s future a little bit better then their own.

Despite the hard life, the people here are more friendly and helpful than you can imagine. They are very curious and “where are you from?”  is a question foreigners get asked quite a lot. Children wearing torn and dirty clothes give their big beautiful smiles to you and say, “hello, how are you?”

Bangladeshi people love colors and they decorate their rickshaws and baby taxis along with everything else with something colorful. Even though you meet some women wearing black burqa here, most of the women wear nice three peace or saris in all the bright colors of the rainbow.


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  1. Fallegur texti. Æðislegt að geta fylgst með á þessu bloggi. Hlakka til að heyra meira. Knús á þig

  2. Marjo

    Fina iakttagelser och bilder från Netrakona. Ska bli kul att följa din vistelse i Bangladesh.
    Marjo, Ordförande, Svalorna IB


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